Celebrating DA’s B’day in my own way! ;)



Seeing everyone had showed their way to celebrate David’s B’day, by making a cake, making a party with other fans or even only participating a twitter party, now it seems that I have to take part by telling you a little story about my way celebrating David’s B’day.

It was started by entering my 3rd semester at college a few months ago. I met a MICE class. MICE is Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition. In this class, our goal as students is to hold an event where we have to be the organizer of the event. All students in one class would be one big team to organize the event. When we become the organizer, we have to prepare all the things related to our event, from organizing the committee, choosing the kind of our event, arranging the budget, making proposal for the sponsorship, meeting or dealing with sponsors, collecting participants, etc. Those were what we had been done in the last 4 months, and those were also the points of MICE class itself.

In my class, there are about 11 people (including me) only, and they picked me to become the project officer, and also the lecturer (Ms. Melly) herself also chose me to lead the class. It was around September, when we decided to call ourselves, 8 Organizer. And we had to hold the event on the 4th week of December (from 22nd to 29th), we call it MICE week, where all student who had a MICE class should perform their event at the exact week. We might pick our own one selected day, as long as it was still from 22nd to 29th. So it was only 4 months preparation.

As the project officer, of course I discussed with my team when would we hold the event, what day from 22nd to 29th would be the perfect day?

I was personally chose 28th. You must be understand why, and you might ask, “what is the connection of David’s B’day with Communicating Your Old Times of Bandung!”? Yes, that’s a good question. It is obviously THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DAVID, AT ALL. It would be just my dream to celebrate David’s B’day in a different way. That’s it. So, my personal goal was to make sure that the whole event ran perfectly as what I expected, then I would have my own celebration.

My team was good with 28th. Though they realized that it had to be held between 22nd and 29th, so they’re just good. Although they still don’t know why I picked 28th. J

And actually, before I chose 28th, I was hoping all DAI-B (David Archuleta Indonesia – Bandung) members and admins could join the event so we would celebrate David’s B’day while also attending the workshop. But, at the end, none of them-admins or members- attended the workshop, so sad. ;(

Our team faced some troubles in the process of selecting the right event. At first, we chose to make a film competition, and also a seminar about photography at the same time and place. But it seemed too difficult to do, regarding to the number of the committee and also the duration for the preparation. So, we changed the whole idea with only to make Photography Workshop, entitled (themed); “KOMUNIKASIKAN BANDUNG TEMPO DOELOE MU!” (“Communicate Your Old Times of Bandung!”). Then we moved to the next step, making an estimate of costs and proposal. At the same time, we had to find and meet the keynote speaker for the workshop.

When the proposal was ready, we started to meet some sponsors and media partners. We got some names and addresses from Ms. Melly. We went there and here, and mostly we rode through the rain. We also promoted our event by making some posters, flyers, press releases to newspaper, and also to the radio and internet.

After having a meeting with Mr. Galih Sedayu and had rode through the rain…

In short, We had some sponsors, some media partners, some supports from our college and some groups from another institution, the keynote speaker for the workshop, and also a generous donor in our hands who willing enough to help us in budgeting, then we’re ready.

A day before 28th, we prepared all the things. From dropping all stuffs we needed for the next day to the venue, tried out some costumes, had a late-lunch, I myself signed all the certificates for the participants, and closed it with a meeting.

Taking some pictures with the ‘backdrop’ before we put it on stage.

Signing certificates for the participants. Now I know what it feels to sign some piece of papers. :)

Meeting before going home..

The big day had come. We dressed up and ready to welcome all the participants. We saw teenagers, girls and boys, and also an old man. In the VIP room, where the keynote speaker, Mr. Galih Sedayu ( a photographer ) prepared himself for the workshop, I accompanied him to sign all the certificates then  left the room to check the re-registration desk where all participants must fill their names in the list.

I coincidently saw a name at the top of the list, and say: “IS IT REAL? IS IT FOR SURE?” My receptionists said, “Yes. Why?” I answered them with a shocked face, “No, No. Nothing!”

And, this is what I saw:

Mr. “Archie D.D.”

I was kinda looking for the guy, which I really didn’t expect to see his name on the list. But, at the 2nd session, after the 1st session where Mr. Galih Sedayu delivered his presentation and some other stuffs, all participants were split into 5 groups to apply what they got from the 1st session. In each group, there’re two coordinators from the committee to join with, so the committee could guide all participants while looking for the right spot to catch some pictures. And, it seemed that I was meant to find/meet Mr. ‘Archie D. D.’. My friend, Putri, who I gave an order to randomly picked the group was choosing Mr. ‘Archie D.D.’ to be at my group, where I became the coordinator of the group. That’s when I knew what the real Mr. ‘Archie D.D.’ looked like.

At the very end of the workshop, we announced the best photo which had the closest meaning with the theme of our photography workshop, “KOMUNIKASIKAN BANDUNG TEMPO DOELOE MU!” (“Communicate Your Old Times of Bandung!”). Right after it, we closed the event with all the committee made a line to say goodbye and shake every participants’ hand, to show our thanks to them for coming to our event. At that time also, I really had a chance to talk with Mr. ‘Archie D.D.’. I started the conversation with asking, “Is it for sure that your name is ARCHIE?” He said, “Yes! But I can’t sing.” Then I gave him another question right away, “So, you know David Archuleta?” And again, he answered it short, “Yes, yes.” He was chuckling as he answered it. Then I stopped that conversation with saying thank you for coming.

Hehehe, :)

I can say the workshop didn’t run smoothly and perfectly, the number of the participants also didn’t meet our target, but it’s clear that I had my own celebration that day. J

God just like knew what the main reason I chose 28th, and knowing it, was the one thing that made my day.

Happy Birthday, dave! And Happy New Year, everyone! :D ;) :)

–Sukma SA,

for more photos: http://s1182.beta.photobucket.com/user/sukma_ndut/library/MICE

HD videos and screencaps from David Archuleta’s Christmas Devotional 12/8/2012


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p style=”text-align:center;”>Elder Archuleta at Concierto De Navidad 2012 - Christmas Devotional  collage by CherryA beautiful collage of a beautiful soul, David Archuleta – created by @cherry08mariano

Thanks to @Pabuckie and @HeyImMonse for the screencaps

REBECA LÓPEZ – LORENA REYES – ELDER ARCHULETA – Concierto de Navidad 2012 (credit: Alejandro Angulo)

The Prayer (credit:Alejandro Angulo)

O Holy Night (in Spanish) (credit:Alejandro Angulo)

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Another Speech Competition :)


It was started a couple weeks ago, when Ms. Pujay-my English lecturer- told me that it would be better for me to join a speech contest at UNPAD. She right away gave me the website so I could check all the information by myself. After logging on to the website, I found that it’s Crossing UNPAD 2012 and there’d be two categories-Senior High School & University students- and also two different competition-Speech and Poetry reading-. Of course I was going to be registered for the speech one, and I just accepted that. Then at first we used to have also Janu for the same competition, and Tia + Lia for poetry reading.

The preparation wasn’t very good at the first time. Because we used to have also a preparation(and selection) for my campus debate team for a debate competition in Cirebon at the same time. And it seemed that I always wasn’t good enough at debating. Haha! Well, all I could do just admit it. After having a quite short and weird debate preparation with some SICE members who were selected to join the selection, we had Janu and Teh Lai who were going to go to Cirebon at the end.  Then Janu-with perhaps some advice from Ms. Pujay- decided to let other members of SICE to take her part on Crossing UNPAD 2012. She wished that not only her, that would get an experience of joining a competition. So, with that result, we needed one more person to accompany me for speech competition.

While Teh Lai and Janu were debating in Cirebon, I tried to start writing up my speech. And also confused with the main topic that I would try to convey, related to one of the speech themes that I chose, which was, Indonesian culture in the globalized world. At first, I thought that I would try to bring up RENDANG, but I wasn’t very sure about it. Because, how could I talk about RENDANG, if I seldom ate it. Right? Then DANGDUT  came up in my mind. I was just like wondering to my DANGDUT experience back then when I was still in Balung-Jember, East Java-. But before I decided to really talk about DANGDUT, I asked Ms. Alay as my mentor and editor for my speech. I thought that she was a little bit surprised with my topic selection, but she just gave me an ‘authority’ to choose the best topic for me. So, I started writing up my speech. Of course with some parts of speech that Faifai used to give me in Senior High. And I also put a little part of a song to it. J *thank you, Faifai!*

While I was working on my speech, Ms. Pujay were busy looking for a replacements of Janu’s part and also found out that our debate team in Cirebon was not lucky enough  to pass to the next round. She eventually picked Genta. Genta chose the 2nd theme of the speech, which was, Becoming Indonesian youth in the cyber space.

All of us went to the Technical Meeting together on Saturday, 19th of May 2012 @UNPAD Dipati Ukur but without Tia. At the TechMeet, we picked our number of order of appearance. Genta picked along my number. Till I found out, that I got number 4 and he got number 15. But I urged him to switch the number. Haha! So, I got 15, then he got 4. J The committee actually allowed us to switch our number to other participants from different campus who were willing to change the number, before the official order of appearance were announced. So, there was a girl from Universitas Padjadjaran who got number 6. But she actually prefer number 4 to number 6, we knew it right after I asked her whether she wanted to switch her number with Genta or not. Then she said, that she agreed to switch her number with genta’s. So at the end, I got number 15 and Genta got number 6.

I already had my speech in my hands when the TechMeet was held. So all I needed to do was just memorizing the whole paragraphs, then it would make me easier to convey it to the audience. But it was different with Genta. Because Ms. Pujay told him to replace Janu right on Friday, one day before the TechMeet. He used to have only 5 days to go before the deadline of the speech text submission, started on Saturday, 19th of May 2012-the TechMeet day-. (we had to send/submit our speech text  to the committee via e-mail on Wednesday, 23rd of May 2012).

But, we were still on Tuesday- I guess-, when Genta told Ms. Pujay that he couldn’t join the competition due to the making of E-KTP on Friday, May 25, when we’re going to have a qualification round when all we needed to do just conveying our speech, before having a final round on Saturday, May 26, when we’re going to get some questions from the juries right after conveying our speech in front of people.

So, what do you think with Ms. Pujay? HAHA!

At the last minutes, Ms. Pujay decided to choose Riska Purnama Sari-one of my friend from SICE- as Genta’s replacements. And I just felt guilty and sorry, ‘cause I couldn’t help her much on her speech. Ms. Pujay told Riska PS about this commutation on Wednesday afternoon, when actually she was having a practice of English Play for her Conversation Class assignment with some of her friends. She had one more day to memorize her whole speech and within a night she must submit her speech via e-mail. Can you believe it? I just accompanied her doing her speech in ECD-English Competence Division- room.
*sorry, PS!*

On the next day, one more day to go before the qualification round, we had our last practice at ECD. Riska PS just did her butt off. I could see how hard she tried, while I was just doing my Public Speaking class assignment that must be sent by that day and also checking the Crossing 2012’s website for the last time before the next day. I found that based on the schedule from the website, the speech competition would be in Graha Sanusi. Then I was just like; “WHAT?”. Because 1st, when we’re having the TechMeet, the committee said that the speech competition would be held in Bale Rumawat, not in Graha Sanusi. 2nd, Graha Sanusi is so huge for speech-for me-. Haha!

Friday morning, we went to UNPAD Dipati Ukur by Angkot. Haha! And so pathetically again without any supporters or any English lecturers on our side. L I entered Graha Sanusi for the first time when we’re having a re-registration, till I found out that the venue for the speech competition itself was officially in Graha Sanusi. I was just actually shocked. ‘cause that was still my 2nd chance to speech, but I have to stand up in that huge auditorium. Well, it deserved to be tried, right? So, I calmed myself down, while waiting the emcee called for my number.

Oh yeah, the venue for the poetry-reading was in Bale Rumawat. Right after re-registering in Graha Sanusi, Tia and Lia directly went to Bale Rumawat. Tia got number 5 and Lia got number 6. They had 2 sessions for it. First session, they had to read the compulsory poetry-committee’s selection-, which was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. And on the next session, they should read their own poetry selection. Both of Tia and Lia chose Death by Emily Dickinson. They just had a break for the 1st session of poetry-reading competition and entered Graha Sanusi right when the emcee of speech competition mentioned Riska PS’s name to come forward. So, we’re watching Riska PS performed together.

We ended up the 1st session of speech competition with number 10, then we had a break for Sholat Jum’at and had a lunch together.

Then each competition was started again. Lia and Tia went to Bale Rumawat, and Riska PS and I stayed at Graha Sanusi. The number 11 and 12 already came up to the stage and conveyed their speech. But then the emcee called my name and of course I should come forward. My heart bumped very fast, ‘cause it had to be number 13 and 14 before I came forward. But the emcee just mentioned my name right away. Then I stood up on the stage, took a deep breathe, and started to say : “Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen and bla bla bla bla…”. I also sang a little part of Project Pop’s Dangdut is The Music of My Country before really really ending up my speech. Haha!

Right after delivering my speech, Riska PS and I went straight to Bale Rumawat to watch the rest participants of poetry-reading that had not performed yet. Hoping that Tia and Lia also hadn’t performed, so we could watch their performances. And yes, they hadn’t performed their 2nd performances yet when we entered Bale Rumawat. So, it was Tia’s turn before Lia’s. We just enjoyed their performances plus the other students’ performances when I decided to take Riska PS to get back to Graha Sanusi to see how was it going.

When we got back to Graha Sanusi, there were 2 more participants that hadn’t performed yet and had to wait for Sholat Ashar. It was 3rd session of the competition when the last 2 participants performed. After they performed, the committee gave the juries 30minutes to accumulate the scores of each participant.

We waited until the finalists were announced and should compete on the next day. There would be 6 finalists from Senior High students-3 finalists from Speech and 3 finalists from poetry-reading-. And from University students there would be also 6 finalists, just like the Senior High.

My name was mentioned the last as one of 3 finalists for Speech from University student, and the other 2 came from the same institution, UNIKOM Bandung. They were both actually close enough with me and Riska PS since the beginning of the qualification round. And they were girl and also took English literature on their 4th semester.

But sadly, it was only me who made it to the next round.

On Saturday, I went to campus first to have my Graphic Design class before heading to UNPAD at 11.45 AM. I was just by myself ‘cause most of my SICE friends were having class at 1 PM. So that day even way worse than the previous day. No fellow friends, no supporters, no English lecturers on my side. :( I went straight to Graha Sanusi for re-registering. While signing my attendance, the committee told me that the final round for both speech and poetry-reading would be in Taman Hukum(in front of Bale Rumawat). Well at first I was just cool with that, before knowing that there would be no Microphone. So, my question was: “Should I yell out loud?”. Damn! I surprised knowing that, when the emcee for final round told all the finalists that it was a final round challenge. We had to deliver our speech or poetry to all audience without microphone. Well, perhaps it would be okay for poetry-reading, but it was gonna be different for speech-ing. Then we would also get a Question from each jury and perhaps some audience right after delivering our speech. So, it was like a double-challenge for speech, right?

I got number 4 for this round. It was still number 2 who performed when eventually Teh Lai and Teh Uzi came up. I finally had my supporters. Haha! A couple minutes before my name was mentioned, came up also Rudolf and Riska Pro. So, they quite gave me a spirit to stand very close to the juries. :)

The emcee called my name and I came forward and started delivering my speech when Ms. Alay eventually came up and directly joined the audience to watch my speech. She was standing right next Teh Lai, behind one of the juries table. We had 3 juries for both speech and poetry-reading.

When I ended up my speech, I got one question from each juries and also some questions from Mr. Jeman, one of the committee who were being one of the audience that time, and also used to be the emcee for the qualification round in Graha Sanusi. I was nervous enough for this session, ‘cause we never expected what were their questions would be, right? So, I just answered them right away.

When all the finalists from both competition were already delivering their things. We had a break for Sholat Ashar and needed to go back to Graha Sanusi for the closing ceremony, when the winner from both competitions would be revealed. Rudolf was also leaving, ‘cause he must prepare to go to his Church.

We sat in the very behind of the seat and waiting for the announcement. It was one of the juries who stood up and delivered a couple words when he was closing it with announcing the winner for speech competition. And it was my name that he mentioned first and I was not really paying attention to it. Haha. All I heard that I got 65 score, from all I knew that the perfect score was 70. So, I quite impressed with the result. :)

The emcee eventually asked all the mentioned names to come forward to the stage. I finally knew that I was at the first place of speech for university category. Haha! And after the speech, the emcee announced the winner of the poetry-reading. We found out that a girl who has the same name with me-SUKMA- from UNPAD as the 1st winner for university category. All finalists who made it to final round were actually already won the competition. All we hadn’t known was who were gonna be at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places.

We ended up the closing ceremony with all the 1st places came forward again delivering their own things for the last time. After that, we took a couple of pictures before heading home.

But I was actually not heading home right after it. I took a few times to join BEC-Bandung English Club- gathering @Om Dulleh. It was also my first time to join the gathering. I just stayed there not very long time, then I decided to leave, ‘cause I need a rest.

But actually I was having dinner with Riska Pro after leaving the BEC gathering at ‘AYAM GORENG PINGGIR JALAN’ nearby Borromeus Hospital. Then Angkot was always being my faithful friend to take me home that night. Haha!

So, that’s all perhaps!

I wanna say a big thanks to 1st of all ALLAH SWT for this 2nd chance, Ms. Pujay and Ms. Alay-all lecturers in ECD- for being such a great mentor, SICE for giving me such a great support, Rian for accompanying me to find Batik & new pair of shoes for the final, Ms. Erika for a pinch of the advice at the qualification round, for all my HUMAS friends who always send their prayers to me, for all my English teachers since my first time having English subjects at elementary school till Senior High, and of course last but not least for Faifai who will always be a good friend of mine even though we never meet each other, THANK YOU! :)

For more photos : HERE

The 4th Gathering of @DAIBandung


Last Saturday(7/1/2012), around 11AM, we-DAIBandung’s admins+members- held a gathering at The KiosK, Cihampelas Walk(CIWALK), Bandung. The 4th one.

On this gathering, only Alit as one of DAIBandung’s admins who couldn’t come. The rest ; Raz, Friski, Arin, Dewa and I could definitely come. :) And only a few IndonesianArchAngels(IAA) from Bandung who made it to come. The rest of them had another things to do. So, they couldn’t join us. But, that didn’t stop us to make-hold- the gathering. It was more fun gathering than the previous gatherings for me in fact. Because 1st, we asked the waiter to play David’s TOSOD ATE album, and he allowed. So all the customers who were in there, could listen all the songs of the album-ALL of it-, not only us. Yippiy!! We could spread the DavidArchie’s Virus. We did it! HAHA.
2nd, we’re not only gathering, but also making games. :) The winner in each games would get a voucher from the admins. They could exchange it with souvenirs-stickers,HP pouch,and Key Chain- on the next gathering. There were 2 kind of games-quiz- we made. The 1st was “Guess My Body Languages”. And the 2nd one was Trivia Quiz. Before we started the games, we split the members into 2 groups. DAVID group-consisted of Rizky, Eva, Agisti, and Wulan-

and ARCHIE group-consisted of Fanny, Salsha, Ageng, and Restu-.

On the 1st game, Guess My Body Languages, each groups should send one of the member to come forward. Because, I-as a Host- would give them-Rizky and Ageng as representatives from the DAVID and ARCHIE group- a couple of titles of David’s songs on his albums-DA+TOSOD ATE- and a few lyrics of songs that David sang back then when He was on AI season 7.

After knowing he titles+lyrics, each members of each groups who stood in front, had to tell their own group to guess the titles or lyrics.  BUT the rest of admins-as judges- didn’t allow them to speak/tell straight to their groups by words.

They had to express the words by their body languages. Haha. It seemed that ARCHIE group were heading the games based on their score. And I admitted, that ARCHIE group was better than DAVID group for this thing. *keep it up,guys!* :D
We also added the games with NA-NA-NA game before playing the next game-trivia quiz-. The 2 members who stood in front-still Rizky+Ageng- were obliged to NA-NA-NA the chosen lyrics. Only NA-NA-NA with tones/melody. And the rest members in each groups-who sat-, should guess+mention the title of the songs, and sing the chosen lyrics which were translated into NA-NA-NA+melody/tones.
Again, the ARCHIE group was on the top. *you’re crazy, guys! But that’s good! HAHA.*

We let Rizky and Ageng to sit and join their own groups after that.

Then on the next game-Trivia Quiz-, I gave a couple questions related to David’s Insight. So, for those who knew the answer, they could rashly raise their hand and yell at me their own bells. For DAVID group, they should yell; DAVID!! And the ARCHIE group; ARCHIE!!

Then it seemed that DAVID group tried to catch up the gap-score-, I thought. And they were also smarter-faster to answer the questions- than the ARCHIE group. *You’re good, guys! I believe that you all can pass the DAVIDARCHIE’s Examination-if there’s any-. HAHA. Keep it up too for all of you!*

It ended up with DAVID group won the games-GMBL(+NA-NA-NA) games and Trivia Quiz-. They finally could reach the top place-highest score-. Yey!!
Congrats, guys! You’re deserve to win and get  the Souvenirs home-although you had to wait till the next gathering-. HAHA.

But,  for those who didn’t win, they could still have a bookmark + a sticker as merchandise that we made for the members. Because, the merchs were actually made for all the members who made it to come that day. So, they didn’t have to worry about it.

One of the reason why we-admins- held this gathering was to cheer the members up after they found out information ‘bout David’s mission. Most of them shocked right after watching David’s Special Announcement, even though it is good-actually- for David.

We also socialized-conveyed/told/explained- our new project to the members. It is Stand By The Trees. Why we tried to make this project? Because, we REMEMBERed what David had told us on his COS(page 240) that ;

“And remember, even when you can’t sing, you can always plant a tree…”

Related to what he said, we decided to make this project.  So, each members+admins of DAIBandung will plant a tree-on the next gathering, Feb. 5th 2012-. We will treat them-the trees- for the next 2 years-when David come back from his mission, even more-. We will try to update-hopefully- the growth of the trees.

The member’s responses about this project were good. They smiled right after Arin told them more about the project. We also discussed it. Asked some opinions from the members, about where we will plant the trees.

After discussing the project for about an hour, we ordered for lunch. And of course, most of the foods are Indonesian Traditional foods.

I specially ordered NASI AYAM IJO(Green Chicken Rice), which is rice on the center of the plate, surrounded by SAMBEL(spicy sauce)-Indonesian Traditional Sauce-, CAPCAY-people said that it’s a chinesse food, but all I know it consist of various vegetables + a little bit of shrimps, SAMBEL GORENG KENTANG(fried potato sauce)-again it’s Indonesian traditional food-, MENTIMUN + SELADA(fresh cucumber + lettuce), and AYAM IJO(green chicken) itself-chicken which is cooked with mashed green pepper-.  Plus an EXTRA plate of rice! HUAHAHA. :D Delicious!

Here is David Archie with SAMBEL :

Full? Yes, we were! Then after having a lunch together, we signed out from The Kiosk and took a little walk, looking for a spot for photo session. *we couldn’t miss this session. It’s like tradition in each gathering.* HAHA We decided to take a couple pictures in CIWALK’s BROADWAY-not like the real broadway you guys know-.

After cheese_ing-showing up our teeth- a couple times, we continued to try CIWALK’s SKYWALK. :D

Where suddenly Arin & Friski revealed a doorprize. They both challenged all who attended the gathering to sing David’s songs in front of strangers. They would pick strangers randomly as judges for those who were brave enough to take the challenge. First, I am one of DAIBandung’s admins but I didn’t even know about this doorprize. In fact, I finally found out that it only made by Arin & Friski. Not Ira, Dewa, and Alit-as the rest of admins-. Second, Arin & Friski revealed that the doorprize will be a David Archie standing poster. It’s still voucher. So like the DAVID group who won the games, for those who’d take the challenge and win, they had to wait till the next gathering, so they can have the souvenirs. And there will be 2 standing posters. Third, most of the members weren’t brave enough. Only Wulan-who’s the only IAA from Cikarang, which is out of Bandung- who was dare to take the challenge. Fourth, another admins could join the challenge-except Arin & Friski-. So, I thought those reasons were enough for me to take the challenge.
Arin & Friski had the judges prepared.

Wulan came as the 1st contestant and sang refrain of ALTNOY.

Then me! I came up with Good Place and the same part, refrain.

The 4 stranger judges told us the winner at the end, right after I sang. And it was me. HAHA :D One of the standing poster was belong to me.  But as the contestant were only 2, Wulan will also get the other one. I was happy, and so was Wulan. So, there’s no offense. :D We then took a couple pictures again, because there was Anug-admin of DavidArchieIndo- came up & joined us before we’re heading home.

It closed with photo session with Anug, around 3PM, I thought. We said good-bye to all the members at the SKYWALK, ‘cause after all the members came back home, we’re still in CIWALK. We accompanied Wulan, because she said that she hadn’t got Tororo yet and would buy one. Then we tried to find it, but failed. What the shops in CIWALK had are TOTORO, not TORORO. HAHA.
Then while waiting 5PM to come, when Wulan would be heading home to Cikarang, we’re hanging out *AGAIN* at KFC still in CIWALK area. They-Wulan, Arin, & Friski- ordered Premium Coffee HAZELnut.  We were like flashing back to July 14th, when David’s first coming to Indonesia. Wulan told us the chronology when David landed at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia from her point of view. It’s the first time for her meeting up with the other ArchAngels who wanted to meet David for the very 1st time at the airport. And also to greet David. She said, when David came up and all the IAAs were screaming David’s name, she tried to get close to David’d bus. ‘Cause she was aware that David must be walking to his bus. And she was correct. That was also the 1st time for her to get a HAI from David, she said. HAHA. She was lucky as I. We won the meet ‘n greet from DA.com for Indonesia concert.

It’s actually sad for me to flash back to July 16th. HAHA! :D But I was happy and lucky to have a chance meet with David and have a little chit-chat with him too. I still don’t know when will I get another chance to meet him. So those are why I will always sad when I am remembering/flashing back to the July 16th moments. SAD DOESN’T MEAN I DROP MY TEARS! OK? :P

So then, it was 5PM! When Wulan hurried to get back home, to Cikarang. We went out from KFC. It was the real good-bye from us to Wulan. She’ll be busy for the next a few months. ‘Cause she has to pass the National Exam then selection test for University. I wish her luck, :)

Oh ya!
This is only for information. But it’s not such a mistake too if I share it with you. :D
On Wed, Jan 4th 2012 at McDonald, we actually had made a gathering only for admins. We talked about the upcoming projects, before sharing it with the members. It proofed that we are such good admins! :P or maybe because it’s only one of admin’s duties to prepare this kind of thing? Hahaha…!!

The fact was, at this gathering *thanks God* all the admins could gather. J And we got something to share to the members at Jan 7th. (subhanallah ya, sesuatu…) HAHA.

We also talked about WAIT MV in the middle of our discussion. :D

And again-as I said-, there would be always a photo session in each gathering. That wouldn’t cost me. As a model, all I had to do just smile, right? So, I smiled then! HAHA.

It’s a wrap.
but at the end, thanks to all the DAIBandung’s members. Arin + Friski for the new banner of DAIBandung. To Restu for the drive from Setiabudhi to CIWALK. :D To Wulan who made it to come all the way from Cikarang. To the waiter of The KiosK who allowed us to play David’s TOSOD ATE album and sorry for making some noise. To the 4 girls at the SKYWALK as strangers-sudden- judges. Specially to the purple veiled girl. *hehe* :) And the last one, to KangAnug for taking his times to meet us by. Thank You,

Peace Out!! :)

more photos : HERE

Choir! :D


A couple months ago, I registered for CHOIR at campus. This Choir was made for the Graduation in November. At first, when I read the announcement on the News Board, I just expected to sing. I never thought another thing. Just Sing and Sing. And also wondering, what it was going to feel if I joined. ’cause it was my first time joining a choir.

So, I never predicted that it would be any audition for it. ’cause I’ve got an information from my senior friends who’ve also joined the choir last year that there was no gonna be any audition for it. So, for those who wished to join, could join simply. But then, on the 2nd meeting of  it at campus hall, there was about 1oo and more students-senior and junior- who attended. That was why the choir committee decided to make an audition, so the number of participants could be decreased.

Then, on the next meeting had been scheduled for audition. All of us must sing Indonesia Raya-our national anthem- and one song of our own choice. For those who had been ready to sing in front of the conductor and his assistant, should make a group which consisted of ten people then came in to the hall.

When I and another 9 friends came in to the hall, we sat on the chairs that had been prepared before. When there’s a member who sang-stood up- for the conductor, the other 9 people should sit on the prepared chairs and stayed quiet. I was on the 2nd number. When I sang the national anthem-the intro and verse parts-, the conductor stopped me. He asked me to skip and straight to the chorus and bridge parts. Haha, :D

After all the member of the group sang, we stood up together and the conductor give us a second chance to sing the national anthem together.

At the end of the audition day-it was on Friday night actually-, the committee had us-100 and more students- gathered in the hall. They told us that for those who passed to the next step would received SMS confirmation from the committee on the Saturday night. So, with that statement we just went back home with curious feeling.

On the Saturday night, there was a friend who also auditioned sent me SMS. She asked me, “Have you got the SMS confirmation?”. I said, “Not Yet. Have you?”. She also said that she hadn’t got the SMS confirmation. So, we were on the same condition. Haha, :) Till the next morning, I hadn’t got the SMS. So I thought I was failed.

But then on Tuesday, when I was on doing my Accounting Task at campus mosque, I got the SMS Confirmation. It said:

For you who get this SMS Confirmation, are obliged to follow choir practice at the hall today at 5 pm. We ask for your presence. Please come on time.

I jumped out-as usual-! haha :D I was hopeless, but then happy! I thought that I was failed. But it seemed that the committee needed more time to decide the best 25 participants. And I also surprised that I could beat the other participants-specially the senior participants-. :D

So, after receiving the SMS confirmation, we had a practice at the hall. And the committee also told us that we were going to be separated into 4 groups, according to the type of our voices-soprano, alto, tenor and bass-. On the next practice there was gonna be an audition for it. And my curiosity was grew tough, ’cause I had never known what kind of my voice was, even tough I predicted that I was going to be soprano.

Then, yeah! My prediction was correct. I was joined on the Soprano group with the other 6 members. So after the separating, the real practice-rehearsal- began. The coach was definitely made us stick to the songs. Went to campus at the morning and back home at almost midnight. But, I was definitely aware that it was my responsibility. :) And I was enjoyed it-singing-.

So, after a very tight and short rehearsal about a month, the graduation day came. We had to go to the Hotel where the graduation would be held for the final rehearsal-the last one-.

We went there on Wednesday afternoon. Then when we arrived there, we went straight to the assembly hall. We found out that our stage was on the left side of the main stage-WOW-. And there were also 2 camera persons who’re going to tape the whole moment to the wide 2 screens on the left and right sides of the main stage on Thursday. I was shocked a little bit. Because if it so, The whole people who made it to come on the next day PLUS their family would be so easy to see our face on the wide screens,right? But It was the risk anyway, so I had to take it. Haha, :D

So, the day had come. We woke up and got ready in the very morning. We had to gather at Campus before heading together to the Hotel. Right after arriving in the Hotel, the Committee gave us a breakfast. Then we had our breakfast together in the back of the main stage. Haha, *what a funny memory*

After having breakfast, we had to sit nicely on our stage because the graduates and their family were coming to the hall.

The very first song was our National Anthem-Indonesia Raya-. Everybody in the hall stood up when we sang it. Then second song was Menghehingkan Cipta.

After singing those two sang, we sat nicely again, waiting for the next songs. In total there were about 10 song that we had to sing that day. We ended up the day with having a lunch together then took A LOT OF PICTURES too. :D

This was also my 1st time to earn money from my voice. HAHA :D This was the thing that I’d always love to do-sing-. Allah had given me this voice, and I shouldn’t let it inside. I should explore it, right?

Go CHOIR!!! :D see you next year!

Tschüss!! :)

more photos : HERE

The Free Dictionary: A logical operator that returns a false value if the operand is true and a true value if the operand is false.

My Journey to David Archuleta


I didn’t know exactly what day it was,when I knew about the contest on da.com. All I knew, it’s getting closer to david’s 1st coming to Indonesia. There was a lot of doubt,that I was going to make it or not. But as I always did, I would have done my best*for sure* :)

So, I joined the Survey Your Friends contest. I read, that the grand prize winner could bring another 5 friends to join with. I was hoping that I won it. I started it with begging a help to another ArchAngel who’ve been so nice to me a few weeks before David’s coming to Indonesia, her name’s Friski.

So here was my plan :

I asked Friski to spread the survey sheets on her Campus, with a help of Arini. Cause I thought it would make my effort to win the contest easier and more affective.

And I also did my own survey on my new campus, cause as you noticed or not that a few months ago, I graduated from my high school.  So yeah, I did my survey in each class I had. I always asked the rest of people on that class to just fill the survey and listen to the two of David’s songs, cause the room was not really big, so all the people on that class could listen to the song and also could fill the survey sheets at the same time-together-. So, it was so helping,right? Cause it was so effective, even I just needed less 30 minutes for about 30 survey sheets. I did the same thing in each class. Did it again, did it again, and did it again. And also asked a couple of strangers that I met on my campus and Friski’s campus-after I had no schedule on my campus, I would directly go to Friski’s campus- to just fill the survey sheets. And it was also quite worked out!

So every single day after asking a lot of people to just fill the survey, we-myself,Friski,and Arini- were gathered and calculated all the surveys we’ve got that day, then directly submitted it to the DA.com. We did the same thing for a few days.

After a few days doing the same thing, we thought that the amount of our survey  was enough to win the grand prize winner. That was actually the plan. We combined our survey and then submitted all the survey with just one e-mail address. Cause we thought, the chance for us to win the contest would be bigger, instead of submitted it with two e-mail address(my e-mail address and Friski’s e-mail address). So we decided to stop surveying and saw the result on DA.com.

But, luckily at the very last day,there was another help from Ira and Dewa. They did their own survey on their own campus,so there was about 3 campuses that we’ve been used for surveying. *haha*

At the end, they decided to submit their survey using my e-mail address. So, from that, I did believe that we were going to win the grand prize winner cause we’ve reached more than 100 numbers, *wasn’t that crazy?, I thought!* cause we just did it for about a week.

Oh yeah, a month before knowing the contest we-myself, Friski, Arini, Ira, Talitha+Nadia- had a plan to help another ArchAngels from Bandung who also would come to the concert with a cheap price too. Cause we knew that most of them were Students, and they wouldn’t had have their permission if they just went by their selves and needed more cost tough for the transportation. So, we made A twitter account, @DAIBandung! It would helped us to organize them and to announce the gathering before our journey to Jakarta. At first, our project was only= DAIBandung ; Goes To Jakarta for @DavidArchie, so all the ArchAngels from Bandung could go to the concert together with US-admin-.

It was Thursday, July 14th 2011, 2 days before the concert. We planned a gathering to just talk about our preparation for July 16th. BUT, on that morning, I checked my e-mail and I found an e-mail confirmation from DA.com that I won the grandprize winner. I freaked out. JUST IT. *haha*

That e-mail confirmation was made my day. I directly sent a texting to Friski,Arini,Ira and Dewa about the e-mail confirmation.  Sadly, Nadia couldn’t come-to the gathering,but she could come to the concert- and also couldn’t join us to the Meet And Greet because of some reason. So on the afternoon when we had a gathering, I announced it to the other ArchAngels who made it to the gathering.

After the gathering was over,myself and another 4 friends were still talking about our preparation for the Meet And Greet. Cause at first we had a plan to go to Jakarta on July 16th with the other ArchAngels, instead of July 15th. But after knowing that we were going to have a Meet and Greet with Dave, We changed our plan to just go to Jakarta on July 15th. But how about the other ArchAngels then? Who was gonna bring them to Jakarta? LOL There’s no worry about it, cause we had three of the DAIBandung’s member to replace for a while our position as admin.  And we-admin- agreed to go to Jakarta on July 15th,which was tomorrow.

Oh yeah, actually we predicted that we’re going to HAVE the Meet and Greet with David, so while we were talking about the preparation for July 16th with all ArchAngels from Bandung who would go to the concert with our army,we made -prepared it before- a gift for David. It was like Signatures from US(each of us-who made it to the gathering-) plus a nice words under our signature, then we framed it.

Friday, July 15th, 10 am, we went to Jakarta by a Travel without knowing when or where the Meet and Greet would be held. We Just prepared for everything. We arrived there at 1 pm *I still remember the time-haha*. So yeah, after arriving on Jakarta, our next plan was to go to Sultan Hotel. Cause as we noticed from Talitha that there would be a Meet and Greet from Ponds Contest, and Talitha won the first place of that contest. We were proud of her. :)

So, we just went there, hoping we could meet Talitha for the first time, cause we never met Talitha before. We just had a ‘conversation’ from texting and phone or internet.

After we arrived on Sultan Hotel, we had a new information from a security guy*thanks,sir!* that there would be also a Press Conference on that Hotel, right after our arriving on Sultan Hotel. *What a Coincidence,right?* So we just went directly to the venue. AND, you know what? THAT WAS OUR FIRST TIME  SAW DAVID IN PERSON WITH OUR-MY- TWO EYES!!! The Ponds crew told us to not yell at him because there was a lot of media that time. So we were just happy,saw david from left side of the little stage.

After the PressConference and failed to meet Talitha, we decided to go to our Hotel-not Sultan Hotel-. Cause I said to them; “It’s better for us to have a simulation, so we’ll know how long times we need to reach the venue, which is field D from our Hotel.”. But we also took a couple pics in front of Sultan Hotel. :D

On our way back to Hotel, I was the one who walked on very behind, cause I was busy taking some pictures for documentation(and also because that was my 1st time came to Jakarta). I heard from the distance that there’s someone played an instrument. And I just like recognized the Instrument, but at the end I just ignored it cause it wasn’t sound too clear.

We continued our ‘walking’ to Hotel. But then, Ira heard the same thing which I heard before. She recognized it very well, that it was David’s song. Then she turned her head to me and said; “It’s David’s song!Don’t you recognize it?”. Then all of us said; “YESSSSS!!!!” , and directly we went to the field D-the venue for the concert-,

and found all the personnel of David’s Band(mark,ben,dave,and Steven) were rehearsing the songs for tomorrow! I just ran to the stage and took a lot of photos.

There was only us that time plus a few arch angels from Jakarta. We were all just enjoyed the rehearsal and hoping that David would come to join his band for rehearsal.

A few minutes later, David’s car entered the field D and we could see David from a distance, he walked on the backstage.

But then, Mr. Jeff came up.

He walked on the stage and came to us. He said, “you want to meet David,right?Go backstage! Go backstage!”. Then I answered, “are you allow us?”. He said, “Of course! You want it,right?”. After that, I walked fast to backstage, and suddenly there was a bodyguard stopped my step! He didn’t allow me to go to backstage. We just waited and waited for David’s rehearsal, cause that was the thing that we could do that time. but then, there was a bodyguard (AGAIN) came to us and said : “ David won’t start the rehearsal if you guys still here!!!”.

We just thought that there’s must be something that David tried to make Us surprise, cause it was his 1st concert in Indonesia. It was also 6pm that time, then we decided to just back to our hotel. So we tried to catch a cab, that could take us to our hotel, cause for sure we didn’t know where the hotel located, even though not far away from the field D, we just didn’t know where it was. Cause as you noticed, since our arriving to Jakarta,we went directly to the press conference,right?

The one who is going to pay for our the hotel and accomodation for us when we were on Jakarta was Dewa’s father. Cause he has been working on Jakarta and on the July 15th after the gathering, Dewa contacted him for the hotel and stuffs. So, when we had to go to Hotel, all of us just blind. We didn’t really know Jakarta.  So for about 30minutes,we’re still on the sidewalk, looking for a cab,asked the driver whether he knew our Hotel location or not.

6.30pm. we were on sidewalk, still looking for a cab! And from the distance, we heard that there’s someone played David’s song! And this one was different, cause we also could hear the singer, which was David! So we canceled, our plan to go to our Hotel and directly ran to the field D. And it was right, there’s David on the stage rehearsing ‘Stomping The Roses! We just yelled and sang along from the outside of field D. cause as the Bodyguard warned us that we were not allowed to be at the field D :D So,some of us was taping the rehearsal and also sang along. ‘works for me’,’ALTNOY’,and ‘Love Don’t Hate’,etc

That was the first time of us(specially me) to hear /listen to that song! It was beyond my imagination, I never heard that song before. I felt another sensation to it. I JUST LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!,-I said on my heart-. I loved the beat. I love the words. I loved the instrument and also the way David transferred it to us for the very first time.

We ended up that night with Dewa’s father finally picked us up and brought us to the Hotel. We just happy that night and so excited for the next day! Even though –as you noticed that- I still didn’t know when and where the meet and greet will be held, in other words I still didn’t get the latest e-mail confirmation from the admin of DA.com or the promoters.

When we arrived at the Hotel, we split into 2 groups! The girls(friski,ira,arini,and Dewa) were on the same room, and the boy(ME) was on the same room with Dewa’s father. HAHA :D

On the next morning, July 16th 2011, the day that we’ve been waiting for,finally came!!! As we noticed that david will be airing on TV(DAHSYAT), so we just prepared for that. And luckily, Dewa’s father should go to work, So he left  the room and there was only me!HAHA, *that’s good for me, so when I watched David on TV, then I reacted too much, there would be no one who saw it!HAHA*

And yeah, I definitely went crazy that time, :D I jumped out on the bedstead. Hehe.

Right after the DAHSYAT, I got a texting from Ira. She said, “get ready! On 10am, there’s gonna be one of the promoter will contact you by phone, to let you know about the meet and greet”. I replied to her, “Do I need to take a shower then go to your building,guys? So we can get the information together!”

Then she replied, “I’ll wait you on the lobby of our building”.

As soon as possible, I took a shower and prepared for everything! I left my room on about 9.30am,and went to the lobby of the girls building.

On 10am, I really got a phone call from the promoter. She told me about the meet and greet. She said, that she was going to meet me tonight around 8pm on Field D. so after receiving that confirmation, the girls just got ready! After we got a phonecall from the promotor, we didn’t directly go to the field D, but we waited until all of us did our daytime prayer. After the daytime prayer we checked out from the hotel and had a lunch on the same hotel before saying good bye to Dewa’s father and went to the field D.

But, at the end , the one who brought us to the Field D was Dewa’s father by his car. It was the last treatment that we had from him. And I’m personally still can’t thank enough to him. Cause hotel, transportation, and stuff were beyond my expectation. :D thanks,Sir!!!

Because of the traffic jam in Jakarta, we arrived at Field D about 2pm. And it was crowded there. So we waited for talitha (and her family member, Effie), cause we planned to meet and enter the gate together. Then after meeting her at around 3.30pm, we passed the gate and tried to be close to the stage.

The concert was begun with some national performers, cause David was the final performance that night. So, we just watched the concert and also met a bunch of ArchAngels from every area in Indonesia who made it to come that day!

Around 6pm, the rains felt down from the sky. It was totally messed everything up! -,- we were all dismissed, tried to find a tree. So we could cover everything that we brought that day, -including the framed-signature.- . I was the one who brought the signature from Bandung fans.

It was my duty to give it safely to david. So, instead of tried to find a tree or something to cover the framed-signnature, I used it to cover myself. HAHA!!! :D  It was quite wide or big to cover my body and my bag. I just went there, went here, holding the framed-signature in the middle of the rain as an umbrella. Otherwise, the framed-signature was covered with double plastic. So I thought it would be OK or fine if I just used it as an umbrella. HAHA!!

Can you imagine it? I am going to meet my idol in person on 8pm. And the rain messed everything up on 6pm. So,what will I be? Awful? You can watch it by yourself,Kathy-on the video-.

On 8pm, as the promotor told us to be close to the stage, we did! We were ready for everything. So it would be easier for her to bring us to the back stage for meet and greet.

After waiting for about 15minutes, we were all furious*for sure*. But then on 8.30pm, the promoter came to us and really brought us to the backstage-to David’s tent-. And you know what? When we walked on right side of the stage, tried to get backstage, we passed by with DAVID ARCHULETA on the red carpet zone-area- and his bunch of boduguard though. Then I yelled to him, “DAVIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!”. And he answered directly to me, “HEY…!!”. I was shocked. Then Ira and friski grabbed my hand to get me backstage. They said, “we’re going to meet him face to face in a minute,sukmaaaaa! Just be calm, take a deep breath, and let’s Go!!”. I just answered them, “oh yeah…Ok!(with weak and low tone)”

So, we were exactly in front of David’s tent.

We were waiting for David to come. The promoters and their security didn’t allow us to enter the tent before David came.

Our hearts bumped very fast. We’re really going to meet David in PERSON in a minutes. A few seconds later, David came with his bodyguards from the red carpet zone. We excited for sure! We took out our COSes from our bags to make David easier to sign it. HAHA. Even though we’re still outside of the tent. :D He was getting closer to the tent, and we saw Mr. Jeff tough. Then he entered the tent and the promoters also told us to get ready to also enter the tent.

The promoters and their bodyguard allowed us to come in to the tent. There’s a row of chairs on the front side of the tent. We sat there, with also another 3 winners. So, there were about 8 fans that time. David greeted us as usually he did on his Vblog. But, it was more warm and felt so close! :) All I did just looked at him, and Mr Jeff. ‘Cause that was my very first time meeting my Favorite Singer. The Real One Idol. And I didn’t know when will I get another chance like that, right?

David started the Meet and Greet with signing our COSes and some stuffs that we brought. I prepared my COS and a photo from his TOSOD Fan Pack to be signed. There’s something funny happened; when David signed my COS and stood right in front of me. I spelled my name to him: “My name is S-U-K-M-A ( I pronounced it with Bahasa Indonesia ). Because I predicted that David would have written the wrong letter. So, then I also tried to spell it with English ’cause I thought that might be David didn’t understand if I had to pronounced in Bahasa. But you know what he said to me? “Yes I know, I learned Spanish”(with his low voice), He said. HAHAHA. I really wanted to laugh as loud as I could, but I didn’t. Then he signed my pic. :) After the signing session there was one of us who gave an artwork that she made by herself for David. So, I made that moment to also give our framed signature that we brought from Bandung. We could see that he was so impressed with it. :)

And that’s good! We were relieved. :D After giving the souvenir to him, I also gave him a doll-his cartoon character- :)

Then we continued it with Photo session. I was on the fourth number. But sadly my pic with him was broke. The one who took it accidentally shook his hand then my pic looked like this :

The picture was the one thing that made my days like sorrow for a week after the July 16th. Had a pic with him was like a dream for thousands fans, right? Then when I had a chance to take a pic with him, there’s someone messed that up. But after all, I was still lucky as a fan to have a moment with him, had a chit-chat with him, could see him from a very close space, and also gave a gift to him.

After that “accident”, the promoters had us gone out from the tent. And I was just like the one who felt that there’s still something left. I tried to beg to Mr Jeff  ’cause I saw him peeking from inside the tent, and I caught him. But he didn’t allow me to get in. I said, “I will wait till the concert ended and then David back to the tent. I just want to have a pic with him. That’s all!”. He said, “No..No..!! It will be crazier after this. And we can’t take that risk!”.

So, with that ‘ending’, I tried to get closer to the stage. ‘Cause David would perform just in a couple of seconds. The emcees were counting down for David to come up on stage. I was on the right side of the stage with a few IAAs. :) ! Everybody-fans or non fans- yelled at David’s name. The video of his announcement that he’s going to come to Indonesia was shown on the wide screen on the left and the right side of the stage.

Then the concert was ON. David started the concert with Stomping  The Roses + The Other Side of Down.

Then, at the middle of his concert he sang Gotta Get Thru This/Message In A Bottle (Mash-up) (Daniel Bedingfield) and introduced all the personnels. Mostly, the songs that he sang that night were the songs that he sang at the other countries on his The Other Side of Down : Asian Tour Edition. But he didn’t sing HEAVEN. That was the only one song that I really wanted to listen+watch when he had a concert. BUT that was alright, :D I was still happy after all.

At the end of his concert, he acted like he went straight to the backstage and closed the concert just like that. But of course, we were not going to be silent and take that easily. WE-all of the fans on non- yelled : “WE WANT MORE!!!WE WANT MORE!!!WE WANT MORE!!!”. Then, David came out again from backstage and sang A Thousand Miles and CRUSH. :D HUAAAAAAA!!! :D

After that final performances, it was the real farewell. :(

It closed with fireworks up in the air. It was great concert I ever watched. :D He also took the opportunity-time- to receive some souvenirs from the fans. And also wore A Traditional Hat from one of the fans, called BLANGKON. :D

So it was a wrap. I almost cried at the end of the concert. And I also hugged Talitha. Because she was standing next to me right when the fireworks were sparkling up in the sky. :D

I can’t forget those amazing trips and moments. There’s nothing can replace it. :) Thank you,Allah for this beautiful chance! Thanks, Dave! Thanks to all of the DAIBandung’s admin! Thanks to Dewa’s father! Thanks to all of the participants for their times filling out the Survey sheets! Thanks to Oz Radio crews-for the bus- who brought IAA Bandung to the concert! Thanks to all of my friends too! Thanks to you,kathy and @JennyG_PA, and also Faifai to make me keep believing that I always have a chance to meet David! THANKS! THANKS,guys!!! :D

more photos : HERE and HERE